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<news> 16/09/2013 12:03:44

NSA possibly involved in major Belgian telecom hack

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This weekend, Belgian telecom provider Belgacom unvealed to have found 'traces of digital intrusion its internal IT system'. Insiders confirm the involvement of American security agency NSA.

ENGINEERINGNET.EU – This weekend internet and telephone services provider Belgacom in Belgium revealed to have found traces of a digital intrusion in its internal IT system. Belgacom is a public company, of which the majority of shares is owned by the Belgian state.

The company claims to have taken all appropriate actions to protect the integrity of its IT system and to further reinforce the prevention against possible incidents.

The newspaper 'De Standaard' however cites anonymous but reliable sources confirming that the National Security Agency was already monitoring all Belgacom international telephone traffic 'during at least two years'.

Belgacom has filed a complaint against an unknown third party and 'is granting its full support to the investigation that is being performed by the Federal Prosecutor'.

As to the perpetrators and their motives, the company states 'it is up to the Federal Prosecutor’s investigation to bring clarity on this'.

In the meantime the Belgian prime minister Elio Di Rupo also condemned the hack in an official press release, stating: "The Government takes notice that the technology used would indicate the high level involvement of another country."

"If this hypothesis is confirmed and the intrusion is indeed of a case of so-called cyber espionage, the government strongly condemns this intrusion and this breach of the integrity of the public company."

"In that case, the government will take the appropriate steps."

The hack takes an extra dimension as Brussels, the capital of Belgium, hosts the official seats of the European Commission and the European Parliament, but also the NATO headquarters and many lobby organizations. << (BB) (photo: European Commission, prime minister Elio De Rupo)

Press release of Belgacom:
Belgacom takes actions related to IT security
Press release of prime minister Elio Di Rupo (in French):
Réaction suite à l’intrusion dans le système informatique de Belgacom
The original news item on (in Dutch):
Belgacom ontdekt sporen van hack door (mogelijk) Amerikaanse NSA


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elfdome (16/09/2013)

Thank you Mr. Snowden where ever you are. Thank you for help keeping the world free from tyrnany!

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